Success! You have discovered yet another Slackware oriented website :^) Most of the things found here were created for my personal use and with KISS philosophy in mind. If there is something particularly useful, or if I sparked up some ideas, feel free to contact me (info is on the bottom). Anyway, check these out: Packages :: A search engine that I wrote for the official Slackware packages. Development :: This is where I keep some random cruft, mostly scripts, SlackBuilds and such. SSA :: Slackware security advisories by date (for live updates check #slackverse on Freenode). CL :: Slackware changelogs. SBo :: changelogs. Newsbin :: Daily news updates from a few websites that I like to open up once in a while. The list is as follows: Slashdot, LinuxSec, H-online, LinuxToday, Gitorious, Phoronix and XKCD. There are also live updates being broadcast in #newsbin on Freenode. To contact me on Freenode my nickname is "mario" or by email: mario at slackverse dot org Total 581427 visits, 383632 unique, average 2 clicks per visit. Detailed statistics here.